Some PCB designs

This is the old website design of the former website

In 2012 I was working on a few PCB designs and opened a website focussed on those designs. I didn't add more in the past few years though, so also due to costs of internet domains, I migrated (and kinda archived) this back to my own website.

Below you'll find the designs and all related content.

XBee + Servo + SPI Shield

This board breaks out a few pins for using an XBee, 4 servos and SPI devices.
The nice thing is, if you don't use any of the components on this shield, you can still use those pins somewhere else; it just breaks out a couple of pins in a nice way.

More info:

GPO Breakout Board

This board shows how easy it is to multiplex generic purpose output ports with the 74HC595 IC and daisychain them.
The 6 pin interface is compatible with the SPI header of my "XBee + Servo + SPI Shield" design.

More info:

Netduino Go! Hacker

This board is designed to hack the Netduino Go! and it's modules.

More info:
Design files: Netduino_Go! (120kB)