My PHP libraries

As a PHP developer I work on many projects and often require specific libraries. When I can't find a proper library, or I have other reasons to write one myself, I do so.

Reasons can be that a library doesn't completely for-fill my needs, is too bloated, doesn't have the correct license agreement for me or, in many cases, I just want to learn new stuff myself.

Projects are mostly stored into version control software. For this, I've got a few accounts at different git cloud providers:
- Bitbucket (most of my code is stored here)
- Github (I don't really use GitHub much but there are some forks)
- GitLab (I have used this for professional work, the account is still active)

Miniframe PHP Framework for PHP Developers

Most web applications are built onto a framework. This website is not different. For most of my hobby projects in PHP, I've written my own framework, the Miniframe PHP Framework.
The main goal is to keep things simple, so it doesn't consume much memory, CPU, and pages can be served quickly.

See more at

PHP-UUID Library

While developing applications, I often work with UUIDs. There are a few libraries for this, but many require quite a lot of overhead. I wrote a single class file handling UUIDs.


Easy Migrations

For simpler applications with a database, complicated ORM like migrations are overkill, but database versioning is still very useful.

For that purpose, I created this package.


RaspberryPhpi library

While toying with some Raspberry Pi's I wrote a PHP library for the Pi. This library adds support to PHP for the Raspberry Pi GPIO devices. I've started programming this library for my own (experimental) use. With this library I did some testing in performance between different ways of driving pins, and connected some basic hardware parts.


Networking utilities

When working on PHP projects, I sometimes need some networking utilities. This repository provides them. You can think about executing a ping request, scanning a network, getting IP information, etcetera.

For those purposes I wrote a library that's been tested on both Windows and Linux servers.



While working on a desktop client for the IKEA TRÅDFRI system, I first wrote a library to access the devices. That library can also be used in other PHP applications.