My projects

During my career I worked on a lot of private projects. Some are documented here. Keep in mind, that a project is mentioned, will not say that it's maintained. I've also archived a few projects due to lost interests, time, etcetera.

Sudoku Solver

During a holiday I got myself a Sudoku book. When I couldn't solve one of the puzzles (shame on me) I realized; if I can write software to solve this puzzle, it's still solved by my brains. With that thought in mind, I worked on a solution that indeed solved my puzzle.

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While developing applications, sometimes I want to test email output. To make sure the whole process is as it should be in production, I made a smal mailserver that can be embedded to a development environment for testing mail output.



As security officer at a SaaS provider, I wanted to improve security awareness. Together with a friend we designed this BadUSB device.

It's meant to look like a memory stick, which you can place somewhere to be found by the innocent victim. When the victim tries to look what's on the memory stick, it'll emulate a keyboard instead, and in a few automated key presses it'll open a hacked page.

Documentation of this project, including a simple "hacked" page can be found in the repository stored at


IKEA TRÅDFRI collection

With home automation I started with the IKEA TRÅDFRI system, since it's cheap. This system works great out of the box, but I missed a Windows client.
To resolve this, I did a couple of things. I wrote some PHP code, and eventually a Windows client.
Code can be found at

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Jeffrey Jetsam

A friend of mine, Steven Don, wrote this game. I was involved as a beta tester. With my technical skills I prove to be helpful in this proces.

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