Easy Migrations

For simpler applications with a database, complicated ORM like migrations are overkill, but database versioning is still very useful.

For that purpose, I created this package.

Below you'll find the documentation of the library. Source code can be found at https://bitbucket.org/garrcomm/easy-migrations.

Configuration file

The configuration file is in ini format.
There are a few default locations where configuration files should be located. It's also possible to specify a config file with the --config-file [path] argument, or by specifying a specific config value with the --config [key] [value] argument.

If more then one config file is found and/or specified, they will be loaded in this sequence:

  1. migrator.ini.dist in the current working directory
  2. migrator.ini in the current working directory
  3. migrator.ini.dist in the directory containing the migrator executable
  4. migrator.ini in the directory containing the migrator executable
  5. All config files specified by --config-file [path]
  6. All flags specified by --config [key] [value]

A config file can look like this:


; The path and namespace in which migrations will be added
path = app/migrations
;namespace = Migrations

; Default chmod for folders
;path_attr = 0755
; Default chmod for files
;file_attr = 0644

; Can be mysqli, maybe more implementations will be added in the future
engine = mysqli

; MySQLi connection info
hostname = localhost
username = root
password = rootroot
database = mydatabase
port = 3306
;socket = /var/run/mysqld.sock

; Name of the versioning table
;version_table = _migration_versions

Sections other than [migrator] are ignored and values added with --config [key] [value] are interpreted as if they existed in the [migrator] section.

Values that are commented out in the example above are default values.